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Welcome Chef Andri

Welcome Chef Andri

December 12, 2015

Lake St Clair Lodge warmly welcomes Chef Andri to our team.  Born in Singapore, Chef Andri attended SHATEC, where many of the best chefs are trained.

Over the years, Chef Andri’s passion for food and cooking led him to explore different cooking methods and cuisines. Working alongside famous chefs such as Giacomo Gallina and Roberto Galetti, he fell in love with Italian cuisine and all that it has to offer.  Chef Andri has excelled in the Italian way of cooking including pastas, to the Italian way of life and  the use of quality fresh produce.

Throughout his career, Chef Andri has guided many kitchen chefs with much passion and humility.  We are now truly humbled to have such a great chef join our team and to be able to present his passion to our guests.

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